1I don't quite understand what is erotic massage? Is it just escort service in disguise or what?
Sensual tantric massage is therapeutic massage with a distinct erotic component. Your masseuse will be naked and will be using her hands as well as her whole body to massage you and to arouse you sexually. At the end of the massage session you will be relieved by hand, but any kind of penetrative sex is strictly prohibited. The masseuse will be using a variety of erotic techniques during the massage, and the whole experience is very intimate and extremely sexually rewarding. The culmination is a stormy orgasm, which is often is more intense than that of a traditional sexual activity, yet we would like to emphasize that there is no sex. Period. And please do not think you will be able to sort it by offering extra payment to the masseuse. It is just not going to happen. if you are looking for sex, please call to any escort agency, which Dublin has a great variety of. Here we offer massage.
2Can touch the masseuse?
You can use a polite and respectful touch to some neutral areas of her body, that is included in tantric massage session free of charge. If you'd like to touch her intimate parts, you can order an add-on for an extra 100 pounds. However even this extra service is exclusive of genital contact. Goes without saying, there is no kissing as well. Our girls are massage therapists, and not the escorts.
3Is it a professional massage or just a kind of erotic show or play?
All of our ladies are professional massage therapists with proper training, background and experience. Some are qualified in different types of massage and have been working in traditional massage or spa salons. Erotic component of the massage will be predominate, however you certainly can expect proper therapeutic, relaxing and de-stressing massage with any of our therapists.
4Tantric massage is so sexy, how am I supposed to resist asking for more?
The more you try to persuade the masseuse to have sex, the more uncomfortable she will feel, directing her energy into personal defense rather than your enjoyment. You will achieve more by staying passive and allowing her to do to a job in which she is a professional. Believe us, you will not feel incomplete - chances are, you will be even more rewarded by observing the rules of the service!
5Where the massage takes place?
If you are fortunate enough to live in the Central Dublin or stay in a four or five star hotel, you might want to enjoy tantric massage in the privacy of your residence or a hotel room. If for some reason this doesn't sound like a viable option for you, you can visit a masseuse at her central Dublin location.
6How do I pay for the massage?
We accept cash payments only. The fees are to be paid in full directly to the massage therapist prior to the service commencement.
7I have a question that is not answered here!
Please call the Agency for any further clarification - our friendly receptionist will gladly address all your question and concerns.
8Is it legal?
Services of adult nature, erotic massage included, are legal in the Ireland. All masseuses are of legal age, are self-employed and not trafficked or otherwise forced to work in the industry.