Book A Sensual Massage in Dublin To Awaken Your Senses

Sexual activity is largely dependent on touch. Sensitive areas of the body when touched lead to enhanced sexual activity and arousal. The sensual massage is a technique that makes use of the sense related to touch to enhance sexual activity. The therapy is preferred by couples who opt for it in order to lead better and improved sexual and romantic lives. The Sensual massage is also popular for the many health benefits it provides. If you are looking for best sensual massage in Dublin, it is advisable to opt for a sensual massage in one of the many massage parlors located in the area.

What is Sensual massage?

In a sensual massage in Dublin session, the massage therapist performs movements by hands to stimulate the senses of the partner. This leads to arousal. In case the massage is being taken by couples, they may perform hand movements to touch and arouse the partner. The biggest advantage of this massage therapy is that it effectively improves intimacy between couples and enhances the lovemaking experience. Massage parlors in Dublin offer sensual massage sessions at surprisingly affordable prices. Couples may opt for Dublin premier massage for an improved sexual experience.

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The origin of this massage technique can be traced to India and China. The technique is believed to be 1500 years old. In India, the technique is known as Tantric massage and focuses on the physical and spiritual aspect. The other types of massage techniques focus primarily on healing, but this therapy caters to the aspects related to sensuality.

The technique

A Sensual Massage makes use of various types of cream and oils. These oils act as lubricants and ensure a smooth movement over the body. Various items like silk or velvet cloth may also be incorporated to increase the effect.

The techniques of sensual massage involve various types of strokes including stretching strokes, circle strokes, fan strokes and many more. In the beginning, softer strokes are used which may later progress into harder ones for a more intense experience. The strokes help in delivering an ultimate massage experience.

You can book a best massage in Dublin to avail the benefits of a sensual massage.