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  • TANTRIC HEALING LINGHAM MASSAGE Level 1 60/ 90 /120miin

Your first visit you may require to take a shower before your session begin, Some breathing exercise is done together to awakens kundalini sexual energy and relaxes you, followed by your massage session on a professional bed , It include a combination of light to firm strokes and warm oil with high quality luxury scented or non scented oils focussing on you sexual energy the lingham and the sacred spot building and maintaining arousal .The massage Include back scalp face feet. You will feel sexual energy tingling like sensation in the hands and feet during climax. after your massage you may take a shower if you wish. You will be shown delay techniques to maintain and delay orgasm throughout the massage.


This session is a highly intensed erotc massage service, the ultimate in pleasure, relaxation and ectasy, Recommend if you have had the first level of tantrc massage Dublin level 1, Session includes breathing full all over body to body massage , Session include a variety massage technques of light to firm pressure strokes include yabyum postion, eyegazing breathing techniques from the root chakra to focuss on your sexual energy, the lingham, If this is the first tme you that;s fne you will be shown delayng techrniques to bring you into that higher state of arousal continuning to build and expand your sexual senses maintainng that level ridng the waves of ectasy brnging you close to the edge and back each time for about 30 minutes of the remaining session you may clmax as many time as you like or if you prefer you can continue to control climax to achieve the ultimate full body orgasm internally or externally which is more intensed and last longer than the ordinary orgasm that you are accustom to. This sesson wlill leave you in a europhia state of pure sexual harmony and bliss. You may shower if you wish.

  • PROSTATE MASSAGE The sacred G spot 60 / 90/ 120 min

Prostate massage this involves a massage internal the rectum of the prostate gland Located internall deep inside the rectum, Stmulaton of this area is beneficial for keeping the prostate healthy stimulation of this area can be highly sensous when massage the perinium or internally. This sesson can be incorporate into your mnassage sesson optonal.

  • BODY TO BODY EROTC MASSAGE 60 / 90 / 120min

This sesson includeo a full body massage naturist light to firm pressure massage with high quality oils, and body to body contact the body sldes with my bare skin against yours finishing off with lingham massage.