There are rules to every activity and every service – tantric massage is not exception and there are terms and conditions of receiving pleasure as well. You will need to observe a simple and intuitively understandable set of rules to order tantric massage service in our Agency.

To start with, let us point out that tantric massage in Dublin  is a very intimate experience. You will be completely naked, as well as you masseuse, and there gonna be very close contact between you two. It is a full body massage with strongly expressed erotic element and your masseuse will be touching you all over, including the very intimate parts of your body.

So please make sure you are clean and fresh, and have thoroughly showered shortly before the massage. You don’t want to cause an embarrassment to your massage therapist by unpleasant body odours and be embarrassed yourself. Proper hygiene will make you both feel free and unrestricted. And of course, the masseuse will shower too.

Another important thing we want to ask you is being polite. Just be a gentleman and treat your masseuse accordingly. The common rules of etiquette apply here just as in all other spheres of life. Nice, friendly attitude will help to “break the ice” between you two and to establish a connection based on sympathy, trust and respect. This is very important in tantric massage, because the essence if it is the interchange of energy between you and your masseuse. And while nobody expects this to be so strong and intimate like between lovers, a least basic empathy is needed to make the most of your tantric experience.

Please respect the time of your masseuse in the same way that she respects yours. Our ladies are always royally punctual, so we would like to ask you to be too. If something got in the way and altered your plans so you are running late – we do understand it can happen – please notify the Agency receptionist and we will try to rearrange your massage booking.

Should you need to cancel your booking for some reason, please let us know as soon as possible. Cancellation fee of a minimum 50 pounds applies to all cancellations made less than 1 hour prior to the arranged massage booking time.

Do not try to bargain with the masseuse – the prices are fixed unless a discount is arranged beforehand with the Agency receptionist.

Do not try to persuade a masseuse to have sex with you, this is strictly prohibited by our terms of service. No matter how much extra are you willing to pay, this is just not going to happen.

Business hours of the agency are from 1oAM to 2AM. If you wish to have a massage outside of this time slot, this may incur extra fees.

All travelling expenses are included in the price, but if you are too far away from Central Dublin, like in airport for example, there is an extra taxi charge discussed individually with Agency receptionist.

And of course you must be of a legal age, that is of 18 years or older, to book a massage with us.